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Frequently Ask Questions

Make sure to review the following ideal stealth tactics.

– The first and most obvious part of stealth is using a QUALITY and unique IP address. These are all US accounts so obviously you want a US IP address. It is best to learn how to change IP’s on your home internet. Tethering your cell phone or getting mobile broadband works too.

– Modern stealth tactics say that you need to establish and maintain cookies to keep eBay and PayPal happy. This is as simple as using separate Window’s User Profiles to keep your accounts separate. Separate Window’s User Profiles will keep all cookies including flash cookies 100% separate.

– If you buy a new account, DO NOT change account details right away. It is vital to establish your IP address and cookies before you change any account details otherwise you can raise suspicion and get yourself suspended.

What is your return policy?

Our accounts are made to last and it is up to the user to know how to use techniques to avoid get suspended or limited. There needs to be some knowledge in order to run the accounts.

We are not responsible if the account gets limited or suspended. If your account were to become suspended or limited in the event of the transfer of information or upon first logging in, then we will refund your money or send you a replacement.

Please make sure you are absolutely confident in your stealth techniques. Game of eBay & Paypal changes rapidly and can result in poor results.

Note: If you are not confident in stealth, do not buy. Should you ignore this and decide to issue chargebacks or disputes, we will forward all necessary information.

After 30 days, all sales are final! Chargebacks will be fought with evidence provided.

By our guarantee policy, we will send a replacement account with the PayPal being unverified which is subject to a case by case basis. Replacements only apply to 5/$500, 10/$1000 and Paypal only accounts. Other high limit accounts are not replaceable.

All replacements are subject on a case by case basis.

Any other times is the sole responsibility of the buyer. You should have no problems when following current stealth guidelines. Do your research and ask questions first!  For more on that, check out our guide which can be downloaded here:

We do our best to provide as much information to run these accounts & provide current policies and trending techniques. eBay, Paypal and even Amazon’s policies can change faster than a cheetah can run.


When will I receive the product/services?

Accounts are made to order with information you provide us. So the account information will be sent within 24-72 hours or less from the time of payment, sometimes it can be even less if everything goes correctly. Some orders and larger quantity purchases require more time to complete.

If we have any technical difficulties or delays that prevent the information from being sent, we will notify you as soon as possible. Accounts are made to order and will be sent within the time from depending when the deposits appear.

We will do our best to get them processed quickly and efficiently. All services fall under the standard 24-72 hours except for the Paypal withdraw service which requires more time to complete.

I am not in the USA, can I still use your accounts?

Yes, international users can still use them provided you have a way of obtaining a USA IP address. There is many ways to achieve them either through VPS, VPN or spoofing your own router’s MAC address.

What is the point of buying an account with lower limits?
New stealth accounts shouldn’t sell a lot of items. It is impossible to list 100+ items on a brand new account without raising red flags. Lower limit accounts allow you to get back to selling with minimum investment. Ebay will eventually raise the limits of these accounts.

How Do I Get Past The Selling Limits?

Simple, use multiple accounts! Having multiple accounts will double your already low selling limits. The big positive in using multiple accounts is the ability for on account to not shoulder the load . This means, your account will not get suspended as fast as you would maxing out the selling limit on one account.

Do I need to add my own bank to get the money out?

Your own bank will need to be added to get the funds out; however, you can also send the money to another personal account you own get them out as well. Just be sure to not send to often at multiple times of the day or week. Sending invoices to the account and paying from there avoids drawing any attention to the account.

Do your accounts come with feedback?

None of our accounts come with feedback. We can add feedback which would be additional but it will only be buyer feedback.

When will I receive the account once I buy?

Turnaround time is 24-72 hours from the time of purchase. Normally we can have them sooner than that, but our standard time is the 24-72 hours. Any delays and you will be notified by email.

What is the point of an aged account?

Aged accounts are less suspicious than a brand new account. In eBay’s eyes, a legitimate new member would not sign up and start selling items in the same day.

Do your PayPal accounts come with 21 day holds?

Depends on your activity and items you sell. Normally selling off eBay warrants no holds, but it is not set in stone. PayPal determines holds based on your activity and what you sell. If you deal in high risk or have suspicious activity, then yes, you will get holds.

Where are these accounts based?

All of our accounts are based within the U.S.A. For all other international accounts, please contact us so we can process this by request.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept Amazon Gift Card, Skrill, Ethereum, PerfectMoney and Bitcoin. Also if there is any other payment method that is not listed and you are more comfortable using, please let us know and we will look into it.

Please note that amazon gift card need pay additional of 10% from the amount you want to send.